This CNC Router Cell features one robot on the infeed and one robot on the outfeed end. CR Onsrud says the cell demonstrates the technology and flexibility it can offer, showing two completely different platforms of CNC Machining Centers being tended by the same robots.
On the Infeed end the robot stages the next sheet for the CNC to load and route. The cell also demonstrates offline and online part labeling in the form of either removable sticky-back labels or perminent inkjet markings utilizing the CR Onsrud exclusive InnoAggs. The cell is completed once the CNCs finish routing their nested sheets and offload the materials to outfeed conveyors or static tables for the robot to use vision to sort and stack the parts based on the labels that were applied earlier in the process. 
CR Onsrud notes this flexible cell can be configured in many different ways to leverage the technology to free up the label force to do the higher skill jobs instead of the backbreaking ones.

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