Transcript of the video follows:

Denise Butchko. I'm here at Doug Mockett and Company in Torrance, California and today, we're talking about innovations in office products and how when you work in an environment, there was so much technology changing all the time, things can really make you more efficient and effective and that's part of the great design and products here at Doug Mockett and Company.

We're going to show you some.

One, a privacy panel where the brackets actually will attach to your work surface and help give you a little more privacy in your own work space.

We also have some really cool table legs that go up and down so that people of different heights can work at different levels.

Arms for your monitor. Again, it's about accessibility and adjustability, so this goes up, it goes down, it tilts so you can work on a team effort and be able to easily see the screen.

Really nice keyboard tray. You can stand. You can sit. It goes back into it's spot.

A drawer for your accessories that is actually on a circular hinge. Keeps everything close at hand. Easy access.

The multi-purpose bracket which here is shown in an horizontal application so you can add a shelf, which I love because who wants to have everything piled on their desk. This is a great, great thing.

Brackets. Again similar to the privacy panel but now you can use them for a modesty panel.

A power strip on the floor that manages the electronics and cords here.

A spine wire management.

A CPU holder on casters. Your IT department will love this because it can move the hard drive around very easily.

Come back up here to desktop grommets.

This one actually allows you to charge your electronics wire free. Really cool.

A pop-up grommet that can be located and you can plug in your electronics behind the arm of your monitor. Somewhere that's convenient on your desk.

Cable grommet. Everybody's got phones, cameras.

And then, a convenience outlet that actually can be customized for whatever your power needs are and will even allow you to charge an iPad.

So, pretty amazing things that can change the way you work.

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