Master woodworker and engineer Matthias Wandel is back at it again - this time building a slinky machine for never-ending slinky stair traversal.
Wandel is a prominent YouTube woodworker. He's also inventor of the PantoRouter, a 2016 IWF Challengers award semi-finalist.
The PantoRouter allows clients to create templates of their own designs for functional and attractive joinery or creative designs. There’s no other tool or jig for woodworkers available today with the straightforward simplicity and the open-source potential to create truly unique and functional joinery, patterns and designs. 
He's also built a homemade power feeder using a roller skate wheel, created a unique machine that sets up dominoes in uniform rows, engineered contraptions to dampen the vibration on his table saw, and designed a remote control dust switch. He also created a curtain rod that goes around corners.

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