Wood Pro Expo Lancaster

Live edge slabs make the most of under-utilized Eastern hardwoods

LANCASTER -- Wood'N SLABS asks, "How do you improve on Mother Nature?" 
While the company said you cannot improve upon a 100-year-old magnificent tree, you can enhance it. It is possible to mill the most beautiful slabs to be used in ways that only your imagination can inspire.
According to Wood'N SLABS, typically the largest/oldest logs found in Eastern forests are not sawn commercially. Often they get chopped into firewood. Instead, the company mills these logs into slabs.

Video: Flatten your panels easily during lay up

LANCASTER -- Charles G G Schmidt & Co. says that when used in conjunction with bar clamps, Larry’s Clamp is the fastest and easiest way to flatten boards when making glued up panels.  Using two hands to hold and operate this air operated unit, fingers are safely out of the way when activating the clamp. Five hundred pounds of pressure ensures flat and even panels.