Wood Pro Expo Lancaster

Connectors eliminate the need for edge drilling

LANCASTER --  Colonial Saw's Cabineo is a time-saving furniture connector that eliminates the need for edge drilling. The concept behind Cabineo is to use a minimal amount of resources for a maximum of functionality, offering considerable advantages throughout the entire process.  Cabineo is inserted into a surface-only routed shape on the cabinet during production or installation. When factory-installed, they are easily flat-packed for transport, and end-users don’t need to install loose fittings.

Multi-router designed for small shops

LANCASTER -- Lorraine Machine, Inc. will be displaying the Multi-Router at Wood Pro Expo Lancaster.  The company says the Multi-Router is the ultimate joinery machine for small shops. If its face frames, doors, or drawers, in the custom cabinet shop, the Multi-Router can handle these tasks with surprising ease. For the custom furniture maker it  can produce difficult angled and compound angle tenons and mortises in seconds.

Tool-free adjustability for roll-out shelving

LANCASTER -- The X-Series Bracket System by Century Components is a revolutionary product, designed to provide affordable, high quality, tool-free adjustability for roll-out shelving systems. Installation is quick and easy for kitchen builders and simple to use and adjust for consumers. Tool-free adjustability allows users to move their shelves up or down after the kitchen is installed.  Tested to over 400,000 open/close cycles.

Extensive collection of finishes for cabinetry

LANCASTER --  Finishworks joined the list of exhibitors at Wood Pro Expo Lancaster.  The event will be held October 18-19 at the Warehouse at the Nook in Manheim, PA.  Amongst its offerings, Finishworks will be displaying its "Reflections in Color" collection.
"FinishWorks is committed to designing and providing our customers with exceptional, trend-setting finishes for all types of furniture and cabinetry," said Kevin Kleptz, Finishworks' marketing coordinator.  "Through extensive research, we have selected 210 design-inspired paint colors tailor

Dual angle cutter head for small moulders and shapers

LANCASTER -- Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. has introduced a 4” diameter, dual angle cutter head. Made with 12 deg and 20 deg cutting angles These heads enables the user to use a cutting angle suited for the wood being cut. It’s like having two heads is one. Available in lengths to 7” long. See all of the company’s products at www.cggschmidt.com or stop by their booth.
Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co.

O'Shea Lumber custom moulding at Wood Pro Expo Lancaster

LANCASTER -- O'Shea Lumber specializes in domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods and custom hardwood moulding and flooring.  Its production facility houses dry kilns, automatic grading and handling systems and a computerized tally system.  In house milling capabilities include S2S, S4S, straight-line rip, R2E moulder blanks, gang rip, and custom and stock mouldings.