wood dr.

Machining to the end

Q. We have a machining problem. As we machine a piece, it is good until the last half inch. At this end, we all too often get a piece that chips out all the way to the end. Where should we look?

Color variation in steamed walnut

Q. We have been buying steamed walnut, but the latest batches seem to have more color variation and the sapwood is really white. I know that the company steams the walnut, but what is the reason for this poorer color?

Planed lumber pieces that are bowed

Q. We have some lumber that we planed on our two-headed planer. We are certain that the lumber was flat going and coming out. We then stacked the lumber and now about four weeks later, we are seeing a lot of pieces that are bowed. In fact, within the stack, all are bowed the same direction…ends down and center up. Where should we look?

Looking at lumber grade and yield data

Q. I was looking at historic yield data for our company and see a slow trend toward lower yield. Without visiting our facility, can you guess what it is? I have a suspicion that the lumber grades have changed.

Checks in dry wood

Can dry humidity in a home cause oak furniture to face check or crack? These are within the wood pieces and not at the glue joint.