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Increasing your cabinet shop's capacity: When, why and how to do it

There is nothing more frustrating than having more work than you’re able to produce. If your current throughput can no longer match your monthly sales, then you have a dilemma: Increase capacity, or ultimately lose the ground you just made by getting extra sales. The fact that we must invest to gain capacity usually brings with it a variety of emotions: Fear that we will not keep the work to support the investment, excitement that we will be able to handle more work and grow, and deep thought about the logic of our upcoming decisions.  


5 ways to increase cabinetry sales: Part 2

Collinsville, OK -- In Part 1 of this article, we covered the first three of five rules to successfully fuel your sales engine:  Define what your company does well,  Identify exactly who your ideal buyer is, and Get a killer website.