Tru Cabinetry

Tru Cabinetry donates thousands to Louisiana flood relief effort

ASHLAND, Ala. – Tru Cabinetry, an Alabama-based cabinet manufacturer, has donated $17,610.85 to the American Red Cross Louisiana Flood Relief efforts.  
The company says it donated a portion of all sales in Louisiana from September 2016 through December 2016 to help lessen the burden created by the catastrophic flooding that overtook a large portion of the state in August 2016. 
“It was devastating to watch the news of this prolonged rainfall event unfold late last summer,” said Tru Cabinetry President Butch Reimer.

Kitchen cabinet line relaunch drives 53 percent growth at Tru Cabinetry

Since Tru Cabinetry became part of United Cabinet Holdings, its business has grown 53 percent, largely as a result of a product redesign and new technology. The former True-Wood Cabinet Company's sales gain has prompted the addition of a second shift, and 46 new jobs.
By Becky LaPlante, Tru Cabinetry