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Peak Toolworks acquires Expert Die Inc.

Peak Toolworks has acquired Expert Die, Inc. in Dalton, Georgia, Details of the acquisition were not released. With the acquisition, Peak has strengthened its presence in Southern USA with this brick-and-mortar sharpening site. the company now has 12 locations across North America.

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Is your fingerjoint cutting knife a cut above?

There are many theories in the industry on the best way to prolong fingerjoint cutting knives to have them produce a better chip load. There are just as many ways in practice that don’t follow the recommended guidelines too, like fewer teeth that can add life, but may also reduce output quality. Another approach is to compare the three types of fingerjoint cutting knives available for your wood production need: HSS, carbide and PCD (polycrystalline diamond). Beyond the investment for a 25x or up to 500x run rate, are there other advantages to consider that could be a reason to switch?