brady lewis

Compounding advantages in labor savings

Companies that are pulling away from the pack are using the technology to re-allocate labor, because nobody likes to fire employees. There are some things that machines and algorithms just can’t do, and humans should stick to those things!

Two reasons reworks come back to haunt cabinet shops

Defective products are sent for two reasons:
 Employees don't know it is a bad product They felt some sort of pressure to move on without correcting the mistake 
It sounds simple, but it’s not. Let’s look into these further.
If the employee is truly unaware that a product is unacceptable, typically there are a few reasons why:
1.) They don’t know the standard.

Give me my money (6 steps)

When it comes to collecting our money we seem to be stuck between (but accustomed to) two worlds. Most of us understand the effective “new” way, yet seem oddly resigned to employing the "old" way in our own businesses. Let's examine the two.