AWFS 2017

Putsch edgebander offers pre-mill and quarter rounding at AWFS 2017

Jared Patchin from Woodworking Network takes the opportunity to talk with J. Robert Tate from Putsch about their new line of compact line of edgebanders.
A particular model, EBP950, carries pre-mill, front and back trim, quarter rounding, top and bottom, edge-scraping, glue-scraping, and buffing, while offering a small footprint.

Quickscrews at AWFS 2017 - supplying the right screw for the job

Quickscrews Founder/CEO Greg Weiner takes Woodworking Network's Jared Patchin through some of the unique thread designs and new products that they are introducing going forward.
The largest privately-held screw supplier in the U.S., Quickscrews products allow woodworkers to get into the wood without splitting or cracking it.

Instant electronic verification - RSA Solutions software at AWFS 2017

Woodworking Network's Jared Patchin talks with RSA Solutions' Regional Sales Manager/CEO Shawn Maberry about how their software can help woodworking professionals. With the advent of Industry 4.0, RSA Solutions says all of its products make life easier for woodworking professionals. Product labels can be scanned before they're loaded on the truck - providing instant electronic verification that everything supposed to be on the truck is actually on the truck. Their software allows the access of any documentation, like installation instructions, on a mobile device.