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Revamping the Woodworking Wholesale Market

It is time for the woodworking wholesale market to take note of the new reality. Forget rebates, spiffs, regional promotions, distribution territories, and negotiated special pricing. The market knowledge has moved beyond the promotional systems of the last decade.


'How Do I Get In The Cabinet Industry?'

Woodworkers as a whole are the same as many craftspeople. We focus on the craft and forget we are running a business. I feel that it is more profitable to be a business person who runs a woodworking shop than a woodworker who has a business.


Grow Your Woodworking Business

Rick Hill, Custom Woodworking Business' new sales and marketing columnist, invites readers for feedback, ideas and ongoing dialogue. In addition to his column in CWB, Hill authors a blog, posted every Wednesday on WoodworkingNetwork.com.