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Wood Color Mixing Involves Many Variables

Reproducibility, exactness of match, intensity of color, blowing up a small recipe into a large batch – all are subject to a whole list of variables. A good tint specialist can fill a lot of holes and level a lot of mole hills.

Measuring Wood Coating Viscosity

We are going to talk about wood coating viscosity relative to the use of a viscosity cup. Practice your measurements with a viscosity cup until you find the combination that works the best with your equipment and applications methods.

KCMA’s wood coating standard: unvarnished truth

In my blog, Calculating Wood Coating Thickness, I stated, “The KCMA standard for dry mil thickness is 3 – 5 dry mils.” I have spoken that little sentence more times than I care to count. But now I suspect that I have mindlessly misstated that sentence for years. It may not be factual and one of my readers finally spoke up and called my bluff.

Valspar launches new marketing program

Valspar Wood Products has launched a national, fully-integrated distribution program to support sales of its wood coating products. Among Valspar's initiatives is an optimized product platform, re-labeling of the product line and a new website.
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