WoodLINKS USA Gets A Financial Boost From WIC Events

WoodLINKS USA, the woodworking industry educational initiative, scored big during WIC 2012, with two events sponsored by Woodworking Network. A Wednesday evening "silent" auction turned rowdy and vocal, driven by the balmy ocean weather, and bidding was loud and competitive under the deft calls of Black Brothers' Frank Kolbisek and WoodLINKS Rick Hill. By the time the sand settled more than $1,500 had been raised on the sale of custom wood items. That was just a warm up: Friday morning WoodLINKS scored again with a 5K Walk-Run fundraiser, this co-sponsored by Woodworking Network, C.R. Onsrud, Weinig Holz-Her, My HR Director, and AIA Limousine. This win-win saw 37 pledging participants up at dawn for the beach run. By the time they reached the runners' breakfast stand more than $3,000 had been raise for WoodLINKS USA. The good folks at WIC 2012 rounded the numbers from the two events to an even $5,000 contribution to WoodLINKS. Good going!