us hardwood lumber industry coalition

USDA Kills Hardwood Checkoff Program

There will be no Hardwood Checkoff promotions program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stopped the rulemaking process on the controversial "Hardwood Lumber and Hardwood Plywood Promotion, Research and Information Order." The termination is effective Oct. 29.

Hardwood Checkoff Opponents Dispute Dollars Raised by Program

The US Hardwood Lumber Industrial Coalition is again calling into question the need for a Hardwood Checkoff Program, claiming the latest round of revisions would generate revenues of less than $2 million, an amount smaller than that claimed by the program's proponents and far below the $10 million sought in the original proposal.

Plywood & Flooring Dropped from Hardwood Checkoff Proposal

Plywood, flooring and green mills would be removed and fees would be scaled back under a simplified Hardwood Checkoff program being proposed by sponsors. The proposed changes to the "Hardwood Lumber and Hardwood Plywood Promotion, Research, and Information Order" would result in program funding being cut from an estimated $10 million down to around $3 million to $4 million.