Video: Alpine wood types and their uses

Many different varieties of the tree grow in the Alps and these species exist in other forests and countries of the European Union too. So what are the different species used for? Damien Lozach, the coordinator for Bois des Alpes, is a specialist in timber from the Alps has answers in this Euronews video. So what are the different species used for?  

Woodworking Industry News

WFPA selects Jason Spadaro as executive director

Olympia, Wash. – The Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) Executive Committee has selected Jason Spadaro as its executive director. This action follows Spadaro’s acceptance of the WFPA interim Executive Director role in July shortly after the sudden passing of then Executive Director Mark Doumit.


Measure logs with an AI/machine learning APP

If a Smartphone could recognize a human face, couldn’t they recognize logs from a photo? That was the question asked by the creators of the Timbeter app. The application works by taking a photo of a timber pile or container truck of logs and the Timbeter does the number crunching.