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Koppers' facility does 'no harm'

Koppers Holdings Inc., an integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals and carbon compounds, has presented its annual Zero Harm President's Award to its Ashcroft, British Columbia, facility in recognition of its best-in-company performance in safety, environmental responsibility and innovation.

Canadian News

Western Forest Products curtails production

VANCOUVER — Western Forest Products Inc. says it will temporarily reduce its lumber production levels for the rest of the year. The Vancouver-based forest products company says the reduction will amount to about 200 million fewer board feet. It says the reduction is being made to manage inventory levels to current market conditions. The reduction will be spread across its B.C. manufacturing business throughout December, but will not interrupt remanufacturing or shipping operations.


Video: Alpine wood types and their uses

Many different varieties of the tree grow in the Alps and these species exist in other forests and countries of the European Union too. So what are the different species used for? Damien Lozach, the coordinator for Bois des Alpes, is a specialist in timber from the Alps has answers in this Euronews video. So what are the different species used for?