Why choosing an outsource partner makes good sense

Outsourcing wood components makes good sense. It can oftentimes save money and enables you to take advantage of other’s design and production expertise, thereby saving on the personnel and capital expenditures that would otherwise be required if you were to produce the parts in-house. If any of these thoughts run through your head, outsourcing is most likely the best decision you can make:


Case studies highlight how companies benefit from outsourcing components

Outsourcing wood components makes good sense for furniture, cabinetry, closets and other types of manufacturers, whether large, mid-size or small.  The ability to obtain quality products, consistency, as well as design expertise, are just some of the benefits realized by these companies. Savings in production time and money, by not having to invest in additional labor, inventory and equipment, are others. Don’t just take our word for it. Read what these companies have to say.

Components, Hardware & Assembly

3 Keys to outsourcing wood components

The eternal question for any manufacturer is whether to make versus buy, particularly when it comes to wood components. There are, however, a number of benefits for outsourcing components, chief among them inventory and cost control. In the webcast, “3 Keys to Outsourcing Wood Components,” these and other ways in which working with a components supplier can enhance quality productivity, design and product diversity for manufacturers are discussed.


Woodworkers: Help is on the Way

Outsourcing, to American companies, to save time and money is not just about components and parts, it is about using your strengths and delegating the rest.