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4 Things to Watch: Payroll, Lumber & Panel Hikes, Biofuel, and What Happened To....

Four things to watch: Pay rates will be pressured upward, as firms add benefits, base pay rises at retailers, and White House executive orders mandate increases. With 215,000 new jobs added in July, expect more competition for workers. Also on the watch: upward pressure on lumber and panel prices by housing's recovery, and now, with the EPA plan mandating CO2 reductions, U.S. utilities could follow Europe's elad and burn CO2 neutral wood chips - competing with MDF, plywood and OSB for raw material.

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Housing Helps U.S. Hardwood Sales Improve Faster Than Exports

While U.S. hardwood exports lagged in May and June 2015, domestic demand for hardwood lumber continued to improve. Home construction, which dipped in May, was set to move higher, as both permitting and builder confidence rose - which played out as expected when June figures surged. New and existing home sales also expanded, driving better demand for cabinets, moulding and millwork.

Pricing & Supply

Hardwood Producers Start Tapping the Brakes

Many sawmills and concentration yards are now planning to shut down during the week of July 4th, some for the first time ever. A contact at one such yard said, “With a lot of other companies closing for a week or two, we would get buried with lumber if we have our doors open.”