Video: Felder launches DIY hot tub video

The Felder Group has released a DIY “Hottub” video. "This luxurious project," the company says, "will get all your tools in motion, especially if you have any of our tools featured in the video. It will challenge those who have only worked in the American woodcraft style and help elevate your understanding of woodworking from the European perspective.


Make your own DIY ribbon mic

Did you ever want to make a ribbon microphone? If so, the Frank Olson Twins website is the place to go. This site is a place where old audio technology not only lives, but "rules." A ribbon microphone is a type of microphone that uses a thin aluminum, duraluminum, or nanofilm of electrically conductive ribbon placed between the poles of a magnet to produce a voltage by electromagnetic induction.


Make your own challenging stereo rack

In this project of the day sponsored by Laguna Tools, Willie Sandry the Thoughtful Woodworker details how to build a challenging mid-century modern stereo rack with vertical grooves, graceful tapered legs, and a unique pass-through detail that lets light inside the cabinet for an airy feel, yet still obscures wires for your components. This multi-video project is detailed with tips and step-by-step instructions. The videos are listed below.  For plans to make this rack, click here.