Edible Wood-fiber Finds Its Way Into Ice Cream, Hot Dogs

Manufacture and distribution of SenseFi, a wood-fiber based food additive developed by Norway-based Borregaard, has been expanded, with a large-scale pilot plant operating in Rothschild, WI; and distribution through Socius Ingredients, in Chicago. The product, approved in the U.S. as a food additive and used in ice cream and hot dogs, is another step in a broader movement to turn the massive available tonnage of inedible cellulose from trees into digestible food.

Borregaard Enters U.S. Market With SenseFi Wood-fiber Food Additives

Borregaard has entered into an agreement with Watson Foods Co., Inc., West Haven (CT), USA, for the acquisition of Watson's Ultracel technology. Borregaard will take over technology and know how, intellectual property rights and equipment located at Watson's site in Taylorville (IL).