Telescopic hinges for gaming table top
September 7, 2021 | 2:05 pm CDT
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Hi All, I am making a game table for board games, I have two plywood boards covered in padding and felt (70cmx80cmx1cm) and I want to connect them together so that they fold together. There are cushions on three sides of the boards but the one where they touch does not have a cushion (5cmx70cmx2cm). I had bought a door hinge but like an idiot, I did not account for the cushions. What I am aiming for is to have the board fold up so that the felt is protected on the inside when it is put away. But I also do not want a gap in between the two boards when it is laid out. What I would like to do is put hinges on the sides of the boards which have a telescopic element to them which allows them to be pushed and pulled apart. I have not been able to source such a hinge, hence, I have come here for some suggestions for alternative solutions or if anyone knows where I could find such a hinge. This is my first project so please be gentle. Thanks in advance, Cal