BOULDER, Co. - The makers of OneClock are careful not to call their clock an alarm clock. They instead describe it as a "minimalist analog timepiece" designed to "gently lift you out of sleep with science-based musical compositions."
Instead of jarring alarms, OneClock features custom compositions written by Jon Natchez, the Grammy Award-winning musician of The War on Drugs. The clock features an AI-music generator that randomizes and remixes these compositions. 
In under 24 hours, OneClock raised nearly $250,000 on Kickstarter - destroying its goal of just $20,000.
"Loud, jarring sounds create stress and impact the nervous system," OneClock writes. "Our sonic compositions gently build in melody, tempo, and intensity to lift you from your sleep."
The clocks are built by hand in Denver, says the company, and feature an aluminum enclosure, a solid wood front and back, and a low glare glass face.
"Research has also shown a clear link between technology use before bed and compromised sleep that affects overall health and wellbeing. With no bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, no snooze button and no connectivity, OneClock was purposefully designed to keep technology out of the bedroom and to promote healthy sleep habits."
Pricing will range from $192 to $279. It can be preordered on Kickstarter.
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