At Ligna 2017, Felder showed its take on a highly automated vertical CNC machining center, the Creator 950.


Technically, it machines panels horizontally, but is built in a vertical box. The system fits in just 54 square feet and features more flexibility in handling larger panel sizes than some of its competitors.

A second row of stops allows for handling of longer workpieces. While it is uncertain whether Felder will bring this machine to Wood Pro Expo, the company will be exhibiting at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania show October 19 and 20, and should able to field questions about it at the very least.

Vertical roller positioning

Panels are positioned horizontally for easier infeed. Workpieces can be unloaded at the rear. Dual grip movement of panels on the X axis and vertical rollers guide panels in consistently. Sensors measure work pieces automatically on three axes.

The Creator 950 is positioned as a safe entry into the CNC world for shops that haven't gone there yet, but can also act as an additional machine to relieve the workload on other CNC machining centers, which is how competing machines are often applied. 

Dowel insertion
Its automated 4-tool changer can also handle aggregate heads. It does not use vacuum pods, and doesn't require console positioning of the panel. The 12 kW main spindle allows processing of different materials. The DH17 drilling head included can also be replaced with an optional DH25 drilling head.
Felder says it features fast and intuitively controllable programming, using the Format-4 software technology to create 3D representations of all inputs. Learn more at Felder>>

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