ANTWERP, Belgium - Using Europe's largest 3D printer, Belgian construction firm Kamp C has printed an entire two-story house in one piece.
The massive BOD2 cement printer constructed the 970-square-foot house in 15 days. Construction began last November, requiring the printer to be assembled on site by crane and human workers.
But once it was up and running, only one worker was needed to monitor the build.
"Unique is that we printed the house in one piece with a fixed 3D concrete printer,’ says Emiel Ascione, project manager at Kamp C. "The homes that have already been printed worldwide have only one floor and are often in parts factory printed and assembled on site. We have printed the entire building envelope as a whole on the site."
Kamp C says the house is three times stronger than a house built with traditional quick building blocks.
The house has remained on location since it was finished, alongside the printer. It's currently a tourist attraction.

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