I’m not a new woodworker however I am new to this problem. I recently purchased a new table saw and boy was I excited when it arrived! After meticulously setting it up I noticed something on the cuts showing up. Put a long edge of a board against the fence and rip, each end will be exactly the same width.

Now assuming a known square piece of material is wider than 16 inches, turn the piece so the end that was closest to you is now against the fence. Counter clockwise. This end was a perfect 90 degrees when you started and now should cut a perfect parallel cut. However you will now have three sides square and no matter how many more of the same process can you get four square sides. Fence sets at 2 thousandths out of alignment with the blade and the blade is within 1 thousandths from the miter slot on alignment.

Tell me how you can start with a perfect square board and put it against the rip fence, cut it and turn it counter clockwise and throw the whole thing into a spiral of out of square? Not just a little either. It will be a 1/16 across 8-9 inches from the corner. Alignments check out on the saw.

After 20 years would somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? I have never had this problem. I’ve always aligned my old Delta with a combo square. This one I set with a dial indicator. I have never experienced this issue. A square set up saw that cuts perfect parallel cuts should cut square. I realize as I turn the board it will begin to magnify the amount it could be out but the saw checks out to close for what I am experiencing.