Hi there,
Novice woodworker here. I am creating a stool in a style similar to Roger Tallon's collapsible stool or Adrian Reed Suzy design. I have made a few modifications, including using metal hinges for the stool legs.
The last part I have to make is the groove and pin insertion. I'm not sure what type of metal pin I should be using. The outside leg will hold the pin stationary, the inner leg will have a groove that will allow the legs to separate and fold out and collapse back together.
I would appreciate suggestions on the type of pin to use.
As I see it, I have a few options.
1. Cut a metal pin with grooves so it can be threaded into the base and easily be inserted/stay in the groove I will cut. I have bought hex bolts to try.
2. Don't cut the end of the hex bolt and create a groove longer than necessary that has an area long enough for the hex head to get into place. Problem with this idea, how do I make a groove thicker in the middle of the wood than at the surface/face to hold the bolt in place?
3. Use a different pin type and figure out a way to secure it into the non-moving part. Unsure what other type of pin/bolt to use.

Thank you in advanced for your help.