I built what will eventually be a cosmetic cart. I basically copied an instruction manual from a purchase my friend made on Amazon. I am barely a beginner in word working and most of the time have no idea what in doing or getting myself into.

As you will see in the photos, the inside of the frame is divided. One side has 3 small shelves and the other is a big empty hole. That is where my board with 3 half circular shelves is supposed to fit. The purpose of this board is to “hide” the half circular shelves when not in use. My friends cabinet came with these “2 part spring loaded dowel” pieces that get inserted into the board and then the spring part gets push in so when you align it within the frame it has a small shim/gap which allows for smooth rotating/spinning. I couldn't find said dowel parts/piece anywhere!! So I started doing more research and found 180 degree hinges. Which, if able to be discreet/hidden would be perfect! But I have spent so much time over thinking and trying to figure it out that my brain has stopped working. The easiest comparable similar item I can relate the function to are the lock displays at most local hardware stores. Home depot has a display with the smart locks from schlage and kwikset where one side of the board is the keypad, and when rotated, shows the inside manual deadbolt lockturn. The only difference is the lock displays slightly move up & down when spun & also have a metal post going from the bottom base to the top of the board & display to hold it vertically & so it's able to spin. My project will not work with a post all the way through.

I'm sure there's a trillion and 10 super easy, simple, common solutions to my problem but as mentioned I am so intrigued by building/DIY, I get carried away and think I can do it all :( I've learner the hard way more than once and am sure to happen again.

ANY suggestions, tips, tricks, ideas are indefinitely gracious!!

Thanks! :D

Sad, One & Done Beggining Woodworker in Training lol