What kind of shop carts do you have?

Earlier this year we visited Closet America in Landover, Maryland. I noticed that there were three different types of shop carts on the floor, one with bins, one with regular shelves, another with moveable dowels. There are also carpeted job pallets, which are loaded into the van for the job site.

Skip LaBella told me the innovate company wants to try different designs to see which one works best for the company’s closet products.

We’ve been in many shops over the past 20 years and have seen many different types of carts.

In lean manufacturing, the idea is to remove large fleets of carts, and this is a goal for many companies. But they’re still necessary in many shops large and small.


Building the transforming shop cart that does it all:  https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/video/building-transforming-shop-cart-does-it-all


Here’s a sampling of some of the carts we’ve seen. (We didn’t show racks of cabinet doors in finishing operations.)

If you have different ideas or photos, share them with us. And tell us about how you’ve improved your operation.

Show us your shop carts!

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