Sanding and Finishing

Space-saving drying rack

Available from The, the ProDryingRack features 50 shelves which can hold up to 25 lbs and can be rolled to the next production station or out of the way when fully loaded. There is no need to pull or place parts in any sequence; workers can grab from the top, bottom or middle with ease. The space-saving product is easy to assemble and dissemble for storage or transport.

Cabinet drying tower

Fast Rack's Minimal-Contact Cabinet Drying Tower features removable arms that resemble a v-shape to allow just the ends of the cabinet doors to rest. The two-sided rack holds up to 40 doors in a footprint of 40-1/2 inches in length by 20 inches in width. It also features an extendable middle tubing on top to allow for at least five smaller items such as drawer fronts.

Triple station finishing rack

Fast Rack's new System 5 for finishing cabinet doors is a “Triple Rotating Spray Station” that allows a user to spray up to three cabinet doors at once. Featuring adjustable height, the spray platform also has four adjustable points to hold different size cabinet doors or small items such as rosettes. The spray station can also handle larger items such as windows or shutters by laying them over the two end spray platforms.

Sanding tool

Riverside Tool says its new SuperSand Internal Finishing Tool (S.I.F.T) was developed to help eliminate the need for hand sanding of parts from a CNC router. S.I.F.T features an exclusive rubberized abrasive and a soft foam core to allow for sanding of profiles that were previously only able to be done by hand.

Sprayer for glaze application

Sata says its new SataJet 20 B can speed up the application of glaze to different profiles of cabinet doors during the finishing process. Applying glaze with the SataJet 20B allows the user to spray a fine line to target the specific area. Weighing in at 6.3oz, it features low air consumption, self-adjusting Teflon seals, and a durable nickel-plated body.

Specialty metallic finishes on components

Element Designs has announced that new Copper, Modern Brass, Luxe Bronze, and Arctic Silver metallic finishes are available for all of the company's contemporary aluminum components and decorative elements. The specialty coat metallic finishes are environmentally friendly, durable, and complement a variety of materials, textures, and finishes within the kitchen and bath industry.

Door lock for finishing carts

Fast Rack Equipment's newest product is the “360 Door Lock” which allows a user to lock a door into any position when using Fast Rack's Adjustable Cart or Spray Transfer Cart. The door lock slides over the door handle with a screw mechanism to allow a user to lock the door in any position within 360 degrees.

Airless automatic spray gun with base

SAMES Kremlin says the new ASB airless automatic spray gun with base works up to 240 bar (3480 psi) and offers precise application and superior atomization due its balance between high pressure and high flow rate. The airless applicator is for all types of materials, including solvent-based, water-based and UV curing materials.

Powder coating MDF

DVUV says it will CNC machine MDF parts, hang them on the line, finish them with powder coating and cure them with UV light instantly. Parts are then shipped directly to customers.

Airspray tanks

Sames Kremlin's new airspray tanks offer multiple solutions to match a variety of needs. The tanks boast a capacity from 2L to 50L and are available in aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel. They also have either a bottom or top output and are available with or without an agitator. Featuring lube-free motors, the new tanks are all CE, ASME, and ATEX certified and are compatible with the company's new air and fluid hoses.