Sanding and Finishing

Drum & Brush Sanders

The SuperMax lines of drum and brush sanders are considered premium products, the company says. Nine models are available, all with patented features. All are domestically manufactured.


SuperMax Tools offers their SuperBrush for applications including, but not limited to: white wood sanding, sealer sanding, primer sanding, shutter sanding, and de-stressing.

SlipCon Vertical DD 1000

The SlipCon Vertical DD 1000 is the most functional vertical sander on the market. Designed for stain de-nibbing and sealer sanding on cabinet doors, face frames, entry doors and much more.
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Perfection BBDD Brush Sander

The SlipCon line of Perfection brush sanders incorporates a patented design to effectively whitewood, stain and sealer sand cabinet & entry doors, face frames, sheet goods and more.
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New 2DD Brush Sander

SlipCon Finishing Systems is hosting a drawing for four free tickets to Las Vegas Rio’s Village Seafood Buffet.
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Latest Color Sample Kit

Elias Woodwork just released their latest color sample kit which offers a much larger assortment of colors ranging from light and natural to dark and rich.

Lobo Wide Belt Sander

Lobo Machinery Corp. offers a large selection of wide belt sanders with digital thickness control up to 0.005” accuracy. Variable feeding speed, large sanding platen, and drum for best performance.
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Shape and Sand Machine

Specially designed to make mass shaping and sanding production faster and easier for raise panel doors or profile edge jobs. It has a heavy sheet metal frame to get durability usage.
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