Sanding and Finishing

Drum sander

Woodstock International's 12-inch benchtop drum sander is a smaller shop-sized unit with a 3-3/4in. thickness capacity and can handle most stock sizes produced in a home shop. With a 1-1/2 HP, 115V, single-phase, 13A sanding motor, it features variable feed rates of 2.47-17.3 FPM and a drum surface speed of 2127 FPM. It also accepts hook-and-loop sanding rolls for easy installation and grit changes.

Robotic spraying system

Available from Stiles Machinery, Makor's Robotwin robotic spraying system brings together a robotic arm and a reciprocator arm in a single machine. With a wide, high-definition touch screen and capable of handling workpieces of various shapes and sizes, it operates in three adjustable modes, stop and go, continuous, and self-teach. It features a full glass side cabin with sliding doors that offers improved visibility and an additional axis to follow the parts in continuous mode while the robotic arm is spraying.


Woodstock International's 14 inch bandsaw features extruded-aluminum fence and rails, quick-release blade tension, miter gauge, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, enclosed cabinet stand, hinged wheel covers, four-inch dust port, and a 1 HP motor. With blade speeds of 1800 and 3100 FPM, it features a cast-iron frame and table with a cutting capacity of 13-1/2 inches. An optional six inch extension block kit is also available.

Sander with connectivity

Available from Stiles Machinery, the Homag SandTEQ W-300 is designed for small- to medium-sized shops and to provide flexibility when sanding solid wood, veneer, sealer, high gloss, or solid surface materials. It features a 21-inch powerTouch control, Tapio connectivity for advanced industry 4.0 functionality, and a wireless device for easy workpiece measurements. Seven sanding units are available to choose from and drive outputs are available up to 30kW.

Widebelt sander

Macoser's EMC Woody 1100 wide belt sander features a working width of 43 inches and a thickness range of 1/8-7.5 inches. With a feed range from 2.5 to 12 meters per minute, it is equipped with a super grip feed belt and an electronic sectional pad adjustment control.

Robotic sander

Biesse’s Viet Opera R2 robotic sanding solution integrates two spider robots that allow for the expansion of the width of working pieces being processed. It also allows for simultaneous running of two separate parts when coupled with a split conveyor system. Used for medium to high production volumes, the company says it can increase the total output of MDF cabinet doors and cross grain removal of solid wood cabinet doors by 75 percent compared to the R1 single robot solution.

Dry filter paint booths

Global Finishing Solutions' (GFS) new Dry Filter Paint Booth line includes bench (pictured), open face, and enclosed finishing paint booths. There are more than 500 pre-engineered models in a variety of sizes ranging from three to 20 feet wide, but customers can also choose from multiple standard options or work with GFS to custom design a booth to meet specific needs. The bench and open face booths feature an open-front design. Bench booths are available with an integrated raised bench or designed to be placed on a countertop to make painting small parts easy and accessible.

Small application spray booth

Ventless' spray booth uses 90% less air than more traditional booths according to the company. Ideal for smaller applications, the booth features four stages of filtration designed to capture all dust particulates and remove all VOCs from the air. This allows for clean air to return to the booth in a downdraft format. The company says it conserves energy by eliminating the need for 100 percent makeup air, preserving indoor heat in winter and cool air in summer.

Abrasive belt cleaner

Ice Clean Systems' abrasive dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems utilize small, rice-sized particles of dry ice as the cleaning media. Using high velocity air, these particles of dry ice are directed toward the surface being cleaned where the particles convert from a solid into a gas, leaving only the removed surface contaminant for disposal. The company says the particles will not generate any secondary waste. The belt cleaning process is said to save up to 90 percent of abrasive sanding costs, reduce downtime required for belt changes, and enhance quality.

Oven and dryer buying guide

The CMM Group's Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer is a free guide for manufacturers looking to understand best practices in selecting, purchasing, installing, and operating an industrial oven or dryer. In this guide, decision makers will learn when it’s time to consider a new oven or dryer, the most important steps to documenting needs, the steps in the consultation and installation processes, and advice on safely and efficiently operating an oven or dryer throughout its useful life.