Rotating bookshelf dowel attachment
February 21, 2023 | 1:44 pm CST
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Dowel attachment


I'm a woodworking beginner, so not even sure how to search for a solution to this. Hopefully someone will have some idea. I purchased plans for a rotating book library, it would be the second from top left (3 levels, 4 wood rounds). It seems fairly easy to make. The issue I have is how to attach the dowels to the wood rounds. The plans use L-shape corner braces, but chatting with the person that made the plans unearthed that it may buckle in if the dowels aren't placed at a perfect 90 degree angle to the wood rounds. He suggested adding a screw through the wood rounds on either side to secure the dowels. And this is where I'm having a few problems, and since he only made a 2 level library I don't think his solution would work.

I can attach the lower level dowels as he suggested, with L braces then screw them in. However, what do I do with the upper level? I can't put a screw in from the bottom, since there's already a dowel on the lower level covering that place. Also, if I screw it in from the top, it would ruin the look. I don't love the L braces for this, either, but I'd use them if there isn't a better solution.

I was hoping something like threaded inserts, like ones used for table legs would work, but I don't think so, since I need to attach the dowels on both sides. I'm obviously missing some method. Any ideas?

Hope I explained this well, if not I can clarify. Thanks in advance!