Jurgen Associates assembles 40 Hair Club styling stations in three hours
Jurgen Associates re-engineered the Hair Club’s 48 in. tall by 15.25 in. wide by 22.10 in. deep cabinet to allow for a clean modern look with lots of storage and a hidden counter.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Capital Construction tagged Jurgen Associates Inc. to create 40 styling stations that could meet their client’s aggressive 60 day deadline. The firm re-engineered the Hair Club’s 48 in. tall by 15.25 in. wide by 22.10 in. deep cabinet to allow for a clean modern look with lots of storage and a hidden counter.   Using Lockdowel barbed channel locks Jurgen said it is able  to sell the stations for 30% less.   Assembly takes just four minutes per cabinet, according to the company.
“We needed to meet a 60-day deadline for 40 styling stations and achieve our own profit margin goals,” says Jake Jurgen, Jurgen and Associates Production Manager. “The new design with Lockdowel fastening allows 40 styling stations to be assembled by two employees in three hours. The ease of assembly saved us 30 hours of labor, and eliminated post laminating.”
Jurgen used a Biesse 1224 CNC for precisely routing the grooves in which the Lockdowel plastic fasteners were inserted. The Pillar HPLD machine inserted the fasteners into the edges of the melamine boards. The fasteners were positioned into the grooves and then slid into a strong, durable locking position. Once in place, the completely hidden fasteners leave nothing but smooth, clean lines and edges. The team used a Biesse Akron 1330 Edgebander for a completely finished product.
“With the Lockdowel construction method one styling stations can be assembled by two people in four minutes,” Jurgen explains. “The entire fleet of 40 stations can be assembled in 2.66 hours or 160 minutes. That is 90% faster than with screws.”
Without the Lockdowel construction method the Jurgen’s team would have screwed the cabinets together, post laminated them, and then finally laid the drawer front out by hand and screwed it into place.
Jake Jurgen explains: "This would take two people about 45 minutes per box - or 30 hours of labor for 40 styling stations. The entire fleet was assembled in less than three hours. By implementing the new assembly method each cabinet sells for about $80 and a fleet of 40 sells for $3,200. Without the Lockdowel design and fastening the cabinets would need to sell for $113.75 each, a fleet of 40 for $4,550. We can sell the cabinets for 30% less with Lockdowel assembly,” says Jurgen.
Jurgen says the success of the project rested with his CAD expert, Jake Chitwood’s expertise.  The re-engineering process was within our 3-D Microvellum CAD drawings.  Chitwood explored about 10 different designs and construction plans before perfecting the final product sample.  Jurgen explains some of the obstacles worked through included:
  • The thickness of the melamine to hold the plastic fasteners.
  • The height of the drawer to hold a manikin head for displaying hair styles.
  • Choosing the correct drawer slides to hold the weight of such heavy, spacious drawers.
  • The need to keep the tooling sharp and optimum for the required cuts and depth for the grooves the fasteners lock into.
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