We know working in the wood industry is awesome. But what is "the wood industry?"

To a large extent, the term "the wood industry" represents something altogether different, depending on the part of it you inhabit. If you manufacture cabinetry, it looks like panel processing. If you make telephone poles, it looks like industrially treated and roughly milled wood. Residential upholstered furniture? Solid wood manufacturing. Windows? Doors? Flooring? 

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Each sector of secondary wood manufacturing sees the world of wood from a different vantage point.

Yet each wood industry market area shares much. Regardless of end products, we derive raw materials from the same forests. And our workforce moves fluidly throughout all the segments of the business.

The wood industry needs access to capital to grow, and support in engaging the government over operational and compliance concerns such as machinery safety, noise, and combustible dust.

In addressing such needs, there is strength in numbers - the very numbers that lenders want to know about when evaluating your business loan, and determining whether this is a good market to get involved with. Likewise for government leaders, who will value what your business does when you make your case for why your business is important the community.

 Wood Products magazine will devote its December 2013 issue to the Wood Industry ALMANAC 2014 - the definitive guide to the woodworking industry. By developing a portrait of the woodworking industry, our vision is to provide you with tools that make it easier to run and expand your business. And provide a ready access to resources - associations, education organizations, meetings and conferences that matter.

The Wood Industry ALMANAC 2014 combines a benchmark informational reference and statistical portrait of the secondary wood products industry, plus a forecast of key trends that drive the wood manufacturing sector.

We expect you'll use the ALMANAC as a business tool, providing local lenders and agencies basics on the industry strength a potential – establishing it as a vibrant investment opportunity with true growth potential.

Even industry veterans, who have forgotten more than you'll ever know about woodworking, will use the Wood industry ALMANAC to quickly access listings and contact information for decision makers, and snapshots of the latest statistics and the latest trends.

ALMANAC content includes the information you'll want handy - lists of industry events, associations and educational institutions, statistics from a wide range of sources, and segment profiles, forecasts for 2014 and key technology and business trend information, drawn from the incomparable information resources of WoodworkingNetwork.com.

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