How Big Is the Woodworking Industry?How big is the wood industry? And how is it structured? Where do people work? What do they make?

Those are the questions the editors at Woodworking Network posed for ourselves when we began work on the 2014 Wood Industry Almanac. 

Three months in development, this uniquely designed issue of Wood Products magazine was drawn from the wealth of information familiar to 80,000 monthly visitors at Woodworking Network. In print form, this trove of information has been curated into an an accessible package.

It is also the product of 115 years of accumulated woodworking industry knowledge, handed down by successive generations of editors at Vance Publishing.

We readily acknowledge that this year-end edition of Wood Products magazine can't contain all the information about the business of woodworking. But it should become a useful roadmap to anyone wanting to know how the woodworking industry is structured, and where to find out more.

How Big Is the Woodworking Industry?

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