Woodworking Industry Associations

View a list of wood industry associations, institutes and related organizations that are influential in the woodworking industry below. Also, visit our Safety & Environmental Regulations resources to get important wood industry research about combustible dust and other topics, find wood industry standards about safety and find out how to get more wood industry training.


Adhesive and Sealant Council
www.ascouncil.org  (301) 986-9700

American Coatings Association
www.paint.org (202) 462-6272
The ACA represents and provides advocacy for companies and professionals working in the paint and coatings industry.

American Forest & Paper Assn. (AF&PA)
www.afandpa.org   (800) 878-8878
AF&PA is the national trade association of the forest products industry and advances public policies for a sustainable U.S. forest products industry in the global marketplace.

American Hardwood Export Council

American Hardwood Information Center

American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA)
www.ahfa.us   (336) 884-5000
AHFA represents and advocates for 450 manufacturers in the home furnishings industry, Programs include Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture (EFEC).

American Institute of Architects
www.aia.org   (800) 245-3837

American Institute of Timber Construction
www.aitc-glulam.org (503) 639-0651

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
www.asid.org   (202) 546-3480

American Walnut Manufacturers Assn.
www.walnutassociation.org (573) 635-7877

American Wood Finishing Institute (AWFI)
www.awfi.org  (888) 840-2934

APA-Engineered Wood Assn.
www.apawood.org   (253) 565-6600
APA is a nonprofit trade association that works with its members in the structural wood products market, including softwood plywood, Glulam, LVL, and CLT.

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. (AHMI)
www.appalachianhardwood.org   (336) 885-8315

Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI)
www.awinet.org   (571) 323-3636
Representing architectural woodworkers, AWI offers a Quality Certification Program, sustainability resources, Speakers Bureau and Education Foundation.

Arkansas Forestry Assn.
www.arkforests.org  (501) 374-2441

Associated Building and Contractors Inc.
www.abc.org   (703) 812-2000

Associated Cooperage Industries of America Inc.
www.acia.net   (502) 261-ACIA

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
www.pmmi.org   (571) 612-3200

Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP)
www.closets.org   (616) 287-0954, [email protected]
The ACSP was established to create a unified voice for the industry, build a professional image for its members and provide information for the end user. ACSP offers standards, public relations and certification programs.

Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers
www.amea.org   (800) 537-8629

Assn. of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS)
www.awfs.org   (323) 838-9440
AWFS represents suppliers to the home and commercial furnishings industry. The group owns the biennial AWFS Fair.

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Assn. (BHMA)
www.buildershardware.com   (212) 297-2122

Building Material & Lumber Dealers Connection (BLD) (formerly Northwestern Lumber Assn. and Mid-America Lumbermens Assn.)
www.BLDConnection.org  (888) 544-6822

Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Assn. (BIFMA)
www.bifma.org   (616) 285-3963
BIFMA advocates for commercial furniture manufacturers on regulatory issues, standards and sustainability. It provides third-party sustainability certification for green products as well as quality and performance standards (BIFMA/ANSI).

Cabinet Makers Assn. (CMA)
www.cabinetmakers.org   (616) 287-0954, [email protected]
CMA provides cabinetmakers with networking opportunities, education, and ongoing professional development.

Composite Panel Assn. (CPA)
www.compositepanel.org   (703) 724-1128
CPA represents the North American composite panel and decorative surfacing industries, and brings together the entire value chain affiliated with composite panels. Programs include the Eco-Certified Composite sustainability standard.

Construction Marketing Assn.
www.constructionmarketingassociation.org  (630) 868-5061

Decorative Hardwoods Assn. (formerly HPVA)
www.decorativehardwoods.org   (703) 435-2900
Formerly known as the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assn., the DHA represents suppliers of hardwood plywood, hardwood veneer, and engineered hardwood flooring industries. Its members produce 90% of the hardwood plywood stock panels and hardwood veneer manufactured in North America.

DHI: Door Hardware Institute (Door Safety & Security Professionals)
www.dhi.org   (202) 367-1134

Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA)
fgiaonline.org  (630) 920-4999
The combined organization of the American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. (AAMA) and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), effective 1-1-20.

Forest Products Society
www.forestprod.org   (855) 475-0291

Furniture Manufacturers Credit Assn. (FMCA)
www.fmcainc.org   (336) 889 2877

Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA)
www.hmamembers.org  (412) 244-0440
National trade organization with membership limited to hardwood sawmills and lumber concentration yards located in the United States.

Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assn. — See Decorative Hardwoods Assn.

Home Furnishings Assn.
myhfa.org   (800) 422-3778

Home Improvement Research Institute
hiri.org  (317) 982-3979

International Saw & Knife Assn. (ISKA)
www.iska.org   (425) 289-0125

International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD)
www.isfd.org  (336) 307-0999

International Surface Fabricators Assn. (ISFA)
www.isfanow.org  (412) 487-3207

International Wood Products Assn. (IWPA)
www.iwpawood.org  (703) 820-6696
IWPA represents companies and trade organizations engaged in importing hardwoods and softwoods from sustainably managed forests.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Assn. (KCMA)
www.kcma.org   (703) 264-1690
With 300+ members, KCMA works to advance the cabinet industry through advocacy, quality and performance standards (KCMA/ANSI), sponsoring research, educational programs and sustainability, with the Environmental Stewardship Program.

Moulding and Millwork Producers Assn. (MMPA)
www.wmmpa.com   (530) 661-9591

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
www.nahb.org   (800) 368-5242
NAHB is a federation of more than 700 state and local associations. About one-third of its members are home builders and remodelers; the rest work in related specialties including housing finance and manufacturing and supplying building materials. The NAHB owns the International Builders’ Show® (IBS).

National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO)
www.napo.net   (856) 380-6828

National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
www.nari.org   (847) 298-9225

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)
www.nawic.org   (817) 877-5551 or (800) 552-3506

National Hardwood Lumber Assn. (NHLA)
www.nhla.com   (901) 377-1818

National Kitchen and Bath Assn. (NKBA)
www.nkba.org   (800) 843-6522
The association for kitchen and bath professionals, NKBA has 50,000+ members and owns the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Assn.
www.dealer.org   (202) 367-1169

National Retail Federation (NRF)
www.nrf.com   (800) 673-4692

National Wood Flooring Assn. (NWFA)
www.nwfa.org   (800) 422-4556

National Woods Board
www.nationalwoodsboard.org    [email protected]
The mission of the National Woods Board is to replicate and proliferate the MiLL model on a national level by providing a collaborative platform between industry and technical education. Members of the board include representatives from industry and education.

National Wooden Pallet & Container Assn. (NWPCA)
www.palletcentral.com   (703) 519-6104

North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors
www.nafcd.org   (312) 321-6836

North American Building Materials Distribution Assn. (NBMDA)
www.nbmda.org   (312) 321-6845
NBMDA represents a network of distributors and manufacturers in the building materials industry.

North American Laminate Flooring Assn. (NALFA)
www.nalfa.com   (202) 785-9500

Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Assn. (NeLMA)
www.nelma.org  (207) 829-6901

Northeastern Woodworkers Assn. (NWA)

Office Furniture Dealers Alliance (OFDA)
www.ofdanet.org  (847) 982-0800

Pennsylvania Forest Products Assn.
www.paforestproducts.org  (800) 232-4562

Powder Coating Institute
www.powdercoating.org   (800) 988-COAT

Power Tool Institute Inc.
www.powertoolinstitute.com  (216) 241-7333

RadTech International North America
www.radtech.org   (240) 497-1242

Railway Tie Assn.
www.rta.org   (770) 460-5553

Real American Hardwood Coalition
RAHC is a voluntary, domestic industry-wide initiative that seeks to promote Real American Hardwood™ products by educating consumers, increasing markets and sales, improving industry stability, and researching and developing new products.

RV Industry Assn.
www.rvia.org   (800) 664-0154 (Indiana) or (703) 620-6003 (Washington DC)

www.shopassociation.org   (847) 686-2239
A year after merging the Association of Retail Environments (A.R.E.) and Point of Purchase Advertising Intl (POPAI), in June 2016 the group changed its name to Shop!. It provides research, education and networking to approximately 2,000 member companies on six continents. Members include store fixture suppliers, retail design firms, suppliers of visual merchandising products, and suppliers of materials and equipment for the retail environments industry.

Southeastern Lumber Manufacturer's Assn.
www.slma.org   (770) 631-6701

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Assn.

Southern Forest Products Assn.
www.sfpa.org   (504) 443-4464

Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Assn.
www.stairways.org   (877) 500-5759

www.tappi.org   (770) 446-1400

U.S. Industrial Pellet Assn.
www.theusipa.org  (804) 775-5894

Western Hardwood Assn.
www.westernhardwood.org  (360) 835-1600
WHA members include sawmills, manufacturers, wholesalers, landowners and service groups.

Window and Door Manufacturers Assn. (WDMA)
www.wdma.com   (312) 321-6802
WDMA provides window, door and skylight professionals with education and professional programs and standards.

Women’s Leadership Development Network
www.withit.org   (336) 882-9373

Wood Component Manufacturers Assn. (WCMA)
www.wcma.com   (651) 332-6332
WCMA promotes the interests of the North American manufacturers of wood components and dimension stock. WCMA offers a Member Match program that connects users in locating suppliers for the dimension and component products they need to outsource.

Wood Industry Resource Collaborative
A consortium of trade associations whose purpose is to provide a collection of tools and strategies for the wood industry to attract and retain employees, while improving the perception of the industry.

Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America (WMMA)
www.wmma.org   (443) 640-1052
WMMA helps domestic manufacturers of woodworking machinery, cutting tools and supplies meet the challenges of a changing global marketplace.

Wood Products Manufacturers Assn. (WPMA)
www.wpma.org   (978) 874-5445
WPMA represents manufacturers of dimension and wood component products. Insurance and safety programs are among the member benefits.

Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA)
WCA offers programs & standards to promote a skilled workforce for the woodworking industry.

Woodwork Institute
woodworkinstitute.com   (916) 372-9943

Woodworking Machinery Industry Assn. (WMIA)
www.wmia.org   (571) 279-8340
WMIA represents importers and distributors of machinery and ancillary equipment in North America. Its annual Wooden Globe Awards honor excellence in woodworking.

Workplace Solutions Assn. (formerly Independent Office Products & Furniture Dealers Assn.)
www.wsaassociation.org   (847) 982-0800

World Floor Covering Assn.
www.wfca.org   (855) 330-1183

World Millwork Alliance
www.worldmillworkalliance.com   (727) 372-3665


(*Asterisk denotes those associations with Canadian members but are based in the U.S.)

AFDICQ, Association des fabricants et détaillants de l'industrie de la cuisine du Québec
afdicq.ca   (418) 834-0200
The Association of Manufacturers and Retailers of the Quebec Kitchen Industry (AFDICQ) is the only Quebec association representing the kitchen cabinet, bathroom and custom furniture industries. Founded in 1981, AFDICQ now has close to 225 members, including some 100 manufacturers and retailers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

AFMQ - Association des fabricants de meubles du Quebec (Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Quebec)
www.afmq.com   (514) 866-3631

Alberta Forest Products Assn.
albertaforestproducts.ca  (780) 452-2841

Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC)
www.awmac.com  (403) 981-7300

*Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP)
www.closets.org   (616) 287-0954, [email protected]
The ACSP was established to create a unified voice for the industry, build a professional image for its members and provide information for the end user. ACSP offers standards, public relations and certification programs.

BC Wood
www.BCwood.com   (877)-422-9663

*Business & Institutional Furniture Mfrs. Assn.
www.bifma.org   (616)-285-3963

*Cabinet Makers Assn.
www.cabinetmakers.org   (616) 287-0954, [email protected]

Canada Wood
www.canadawood.org   (604)-891-1259

Canadian Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assn.
www.chpva.com   (450)-227-4048

Canadian Home Builders Assn.

Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance
www.chfaweb.ca   (905) 678-4678

Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Assn. (CKCA) 
www.ckca.ca    (613) 493-5858
Established in 1972, the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA) is a national association that strives to promote the interests and conserves the rights of manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and related millwork, as well as their suppliers and dealers, throughout Canada.

Canadian Wood Council (CWC)
www.cwc.ca   (613)-747-5544

Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Assn.
www.canadianpallets.com   (877)-224-3555

Canadian Woodworking Machinery Distributors Assn. (CWMDA)
www.cwmda-acdmb.ca   (647)-802-2290

*Composite Panel Assn.

Council of Forest Ind.
www.cofi.org   (604)-684-0211

Fenestration Canada
www.fenestrationcanada.ca   (888) 543-2516

Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)
www.fpac.ca   (613) 563-1441

*National Wooden Pallet & Container Assn.
www.palletcentral.com   (703) 519-6104

*Moulding and Millwork Producers Assn. (MMPA)
www.wmmpa.com   (530) 661-9591

Ontario Forest Industries Assn.
www.ofia.com  (416) 368-6188

Ontario Lumber Manufacturers Agency
www.olma.ca  (705) 898-1036

Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC)
www.cifq.com  (418) 657-7916

Quebec Wood Export Bureau (Q-WEB)
www.quebecwoodexport.com   (418)-650-6385

www.shopassociation.org   (954) 893-7300

Western Red Cedar Lumber Assn.
www.realcedar.com  (604)-891-1262

*Wood Component Manufacturers Assn.
www.wcma.com  (651) 332-6332

*Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America
www.wmma.org   (443) 640-1052

Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario (formerly Bluewater Wood Alliance)
www.wmco.ca   (226)-668-5455

Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC)
www.wmc-cfb.ca   (613) 567-5511

*Wood Products Manufacturers Assn.
www.wpma.org   (978) 874-5445

www.woodlinks.com   (613)-567-5511

*Woodworking Machinery Industry Assn.
www.wmia.org   (571) 279-8340

* Denotes U.S.-based organization with Canadian membership


ACIMALL: Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Mfrs. Assn.

AFAMJAL – Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers Association

AFEMMA: Spanish Manufacturers Association of Machinery, Tools

AIMSAD (Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Businessmen Association ) of Turkey.

AMPIMM: Asociación Mexicana de Proveedores de la Industria Maderera y Mueblera A.C. (Mexican Association of Suppliers of the Wood and Furniture Industry)

ASORA: Argentina Woodworking

CIMEJAL: The Chamber of the Furniture Industry of the State of Jalisco

Eumabois: European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers

European Pallet Assn.

European Panel Federation

European Producers of Laminate Flooring

Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research

Furniture Ind. Assn. of Bento Gonclaves (Sindmoveis)

Intl Research Group on Wood Protection

KWF: Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik
www.kwf-tagung.org also www.kwf-online.de

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Assn. (TWMA)

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers

VDMA: German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Assn.

Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association of New Zealand