A demonstration of the Curvomatic curved mould making and clamping system - a quick system for making curved moulds for any pressing system. The Curvomatic panel forming system is a modular structural surface constructed from longitudinally connecting aluminium extrusions.

The extrusions join with each other without limit to produce a flexible aluminium skin 35mm / 1.378inches thick with a minimum radius of 1.575” / 40mm. The extrusions are essentially box section beams. The longitudinal joint allows each one to support, and be supported by it's neighbouring extrusions to create incredibly rigid, structural curved surfaces that can be used to form/bend other materials to a very high level of accuracy.

This system  provides a simple method to construct moulds of any size, but also provides an equally effective and simple pressing system. The extrusions are totally re-usable and extremely durable.www.curvomatic.com 


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