CNC and contour edgebander manufacturer SNX Technologies' new patented machine allows users to edgeband non-linear workpieces affordably, says the company.
Here's how it works:
The nVision contour band automated edgeband application machine has a board drive assembly and an opposed caster wheel that together capture and move a workpiece edge into engagement with a rotating roller banding guide, with edgebanding captured between. An adhesive then affixes the edgebanding to the workpiece. An edging detector is located along the path of the workpiece edge in a position in advance of the board drive assembly, and is configured to detect a presence of edgeband on the edge of the workpiece.
When the edging detector detects edging, or at a precise distance along the edge band thereafter, a cutting die assembly severs the edgeband. The board drive assembly automatically adjusts to varying thickness workpieces, engages with a workpiece major surface, and rotates in synchrony with a drive spindle assembly and the rotating roller banding guide.
"In the fabrication of various tables, shelving, other furniture, and a wide variety of other diverse objects, laminated material is often used, where major surfaces are often comprised of a thin lamina having a desired finish, decorative appearance, resistance to soiling, or the like," says SNX in its patent. "These major surfaces often conceal the underlying substrate, which might for exemplary purpose comprise a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or other wood product or wood substitute. In such case, and without further finishing, the edges will betray the otherwise concealed MDF.
Furthermore, these edges will often also be less durable, and easily damaged. Likewise, some wood products are produced with cut edges that are unfinished, porous, irregular or the like."
"This patent adds to an important and growing base of industry-leading technologies that affirm the [revolutionary/award winning/customer-driven/value-driven] solutions which we are proud to provide," said Mike Noelting, Vice-President of SNX Technologies Inc.
SNX says it is committed to developing ways to apply banding to non-linear parts. Find out about the machine here.


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