TorpedoCSIS says its connectors mechanically pull in any joint combination of solid wood, plywood, chipboard, honeycomb panels, bring like or different materials closer together by an average 4 mm.

The key innovation consists of a locking feature: the engagement of interlocking cam and dowel, to prevent joint loosening in service or transit.

TorpedoCSIS says its proprietary furniture and panel connecting system improves the quality of furniture, lowers manufacturing cost, enhances flat-packing, enhances design flexiblity. With expanding functionality, it provides: degrees of variation in out-of-tolerance drilling, the strongest joins and improved quality of furniture.

Applications include furniture, wall paneling, partition systems or structural elements, whether made with solid-wood or the wide array of laminated timbers and lightweight boards/panels. 

Glaser & Associates distributes the Australian sourced hardware in the U.S. 


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