The Stefani Solution XD edgebander is designed for the industrial production of both identical and different batches and for intensive use even beyond the daily working shift, says Scm Group. Due to its versatility and with working lengths up to 9 meters, every type of production can cost-effectively machined, permitting custom finishing quality in a production-scale setting. 

Slimline Technology: Using an exclusive Stefani patented approach, glue is distributed on the edgebanding and not on the panel, through a slot device that gives the advantage of eliminating the necessity of having a traditional glue pot. The device ensures far less glue to be used compared with traditional edge banding methods and provides an excellent glue line thickness (0.08 to 0.1 mm).

Mechanical versatility allows the manufacture of furniture components with sophisticated designs and using of any type of contemporary materials - acrylic, aluminum edges with a protective film, high gloss materials, sanded or un-sanded wood and laser edges - providing a production capacity that is always adaptable and in line with whatever trends develop in the furniture market.

Multi-edge and Multiple Runs: the Solution XD takes only a few seconds to switch machining approaches, with an automatic changeover performed in a few seconds with no need to wait for emptying or stopping of the machine. The high level of automation for the mortises to be made and the management of edges of different types and sizes, reduces the time of switching processes and maintains always at high levels the technical availability of the edgebanding machine, says Scm Group.

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