Wooden sunglass frames have become quite popular in the past few years. Perhaps it is because each pair displays its own grain pattern, and no two can ever be identical. Or maybe people prefer the idea of making fashion accessories out of beautiful hardwoods rather than petroleum-based plastic. Or perhaps they like to feel connected to the maker--to look closely at the glasses and think, "Someone selected this piece from a tree, yielded it out, sanded it, finished it, and buffed it with care."

In any case, Shwood, a Portland-based company, demonstrates the process behind each of their wooden-frame sunglasses in the above video. The wood gets re-sawn, cut on a CNC router, sanded, and finished, with one of the Shwood makers at the helm of each process. 

The frames are crafted from select pieces of walnut, teak, oak, zebrawood, and redwood burl, ranging from $145-$350.

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