PARKERSBURG, WV — A children's video featuring woodworking TV personality Tommy Mac,  and promoting lumber production and responsible forestry as environmental sound, has been nominated for an environmental award.

Sponsored by the Hardwood Forest Foundation as part of a broad environmental program, "The Truth ABout Trees" tries to dispell misconceptions that cutting down trees is always harmful to the environment. The foundation was nominated for the State of Tennessee Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for the video and its outreach program.

Awards will be presented by Gov. Bill Haslam in June.

“To be nominated for the most prestigious environmental and conservation award in the state of Tennessee is huge for the foundation and its educational efforts,” MacDonald said. “Truth About Trees simplifies topics such as carbon sequestration and selective harvesting by offering a common sense approach to learning and making fun mandatory.”

The video is the newest component of the Hardwood Forest Foundation’s “Truth About Trees” program, created in 2006.

“Tommy spends most of his time working with children and teaching them the importance of properly managing forests,” Crystal Oldham, executive director of the foundation said. “He’s so natural with the children that they don’t even realize when they are knee-deep in educational curriculum – his level of fun is off the charts.”

Among Tommy’s appearances for the Hardwood Forest Foundation was a trip In January to Las Vegas for the International Surfaces Event where the foundation presented the “Truth About Trees” program for local schoolchildren. In May he is scheduled to work with 250 children at the Western Hardwood Association ICE meeting in Portland, OR.

Tommy Mac Hardwood Forestry Kid's Video Nominated for Award

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