Morrison, TN - With all new 2012 motion components and electronics, you literally cannot tell the difference between an Accu-Router Green CNC and an equivalent “all new:” machine – except for the ~$75,000 you save. But what about customers on a tighter budget? Can Green CNC help them vs. settling for a lighter entry-level machine?

Accu-Router Green CNC Rebuilt Machine The answer is YES. This Green CNC is based on a customer trade-in, which had been rebuilt mechanically in the late 90’s but still had the original 1989 General Numeric 6M control. Not all parts are necessarily re-used in a Green CNC modernization – some are replaced with new or different components based on the new user’s spec. Often the removed parts are inventoried for future projects, offering years more service at a sizable savings vs. new.

A prospect was identified shopping for their first CNC router to single and stack cut furniture frame parts. Accu-Router quickly determined the trade-in Green CNC a “perfect fit” for this prospect’s production requirements and budget.

Well-maintained mechanically, the system received new solenoids and a fully-warranted XR-15 collet spindle with quality-inspected accessories from Green CNC inventory, including an auxiliary chiller, oiler and low-level switch.

The biggest upgrade on the quoted system was from the original 1989 6M control to a pre-owned Fanuc 18M control, almost ten years newer and traded back into Green CNC inventory. With digital servo drives, the 18M control delivers much greater performance and reliability. Perhaps the best part – since steel doesn’t deteriorate, this system can be upgraded along the way as technology advances and the customer needs more productivity.

Operating features of this Green CNC include:

  • rapid positioning speed of 800 inches per minute in the X & Y axes (33% faster than original)
  • cutting rates up to 600 inches per minute (100% faster than original)
  • built-in flotation balls in the machine table for ease and speed of panel stack location
  • X & Y axis ball screw assemblies are 2” OD
  • Accu-Router’s unique Roller Assist holddown, equally effective for single & stack machining
  • 15HP liquid-chilled collet spindle with pre-owned Aro pneumatic drills on either side
  • Mastercam 2D CAM programming software with an included nesting module
  • This machine tool weighs over 16,000 #
  • Machine was cleaned, re-painted, and re-labeled. This brings new machine appearance and performance on a high value basis.

Accu-Router’s Green CNC program re-acquires fixed gantry routers near the end of their life cycle to modernize within a customer’s budget, up to today's top performance with full warranty. Re-using structural weldments, electrical enclosures and aluminum table can save up to $75,000 vs. an equivalent "all new" machine.

Source: Accu-Router Inc.

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