Henkel's Loctite Scores In Ad Spot for Super Bowl 2015
February 1, 2015 | 12:51 pm CST

Henkel's Loctite glue products business will sponsor an ad during Super Bowl 2015 today.

The content of the TV commercial remains unknown until its release during the game between the Seattle Sehawks and New England Patriots this evening, February 1.

“The adhesive category has only been advertised in expected places with boring functional messages,” said Fred Chupin, VP Marketing North America at Henkel. “This game is where the most exciting and innovative brands come to tell their story on the biggest stage, and we felt that Loctite had something unique to say to America. We know that no one will expect what they will see from Loctite."

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Loctite's Super Bowl 2015-series promotion, integrated to a #winatglue social media campaign, is aimed principally at consumers, with applications including deck building, picture frame repair, re-gluing a wooden heel to a shoe, as well as plastics, ceramics and glass repair.

That campaign, created by ad agency Fallon in Minneapolis, has been a huge success. The campaign can be seen on YouTube in a series of video commercials ending with the Loctite Dance, a viral video that scored more than 1.3 million views prior to Super Bowl Sunday.

The global wood industry adhesives supplier's Loctite business, like other advertisers, had to pay an estimated $4 million for its 30 second ad. The YouTube ads take a quirky spin on glue applications, and are done in an offbeat, lighthearted vein - such as a Loctite dance off, a Loctite repair party, etc.

“This is a very bold move for Loctite, for Adhesive Technologies and for Henkel,” says Susanne Cornelius, Corporate VP for the Consumers & Craftsmen business at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

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