Festool says over it received 125 entries in its video contest. The Top 10 entries are posted at its YouTube channel.

Grand prize winner is Paul Fuller of Fuller Banjo, Los Angeles (above), for his testimonial video. Fuller began as a musician, then turned luthier to produce the instruments he wanted to play. From there it is was one more step to furniture maker and woodworker. The bench Fuller sits on during is video is the same bench he's building in the video. He plays  music in the background is him playing one of his instruments.

Fuller Banjo & Furniture Wins Festool Video Contest Votes, which were tallied online and announced live at Festool's Connect 2014 users group March 20, were neck and neck, with Sorek Minery of Blue Ridge Woodworks showcasing a dark box built for wet plate photography. In third place, was Roger Madore of Autumn Harvest Woodworking with a video of his small furniture shop (below).

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