Free downloadable files for mapping classic manually cut woodworking joints for the digitally driven machine age generated immense interest, as did a 3D printed hardware prototype for joining a walnut table designed by Vera Shur.

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  Developing Hardware for a Walnut Table
Prototype Using 3D Printing
by Vera Shur
   50 Digital Wood Joint Files for the
Age of CNC Joinery
by Bill Esler
  Plywood Pictures - Amazing Hyper-realistic
Drawings on Board
by Bill Esler
Hobby Lobby Specifies Custom CNC Machines
at its Oklahoma City Manufacturing Center
Posted by Bill Esler
Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy dust collector XL How To Convert a Shop Vac Into a
Cyclone Dust Collector
by Bernie Bottens
Spotted Lanternfly Latest Threat to Pennsylvania
Hardwood Lumber Industry
by Alex Keown
Who Are the Top 5 Wood Components Manufacturers? 
Find Out in the 2015 Wood Industry Almanac
by Karen Koenig
Joined With No Nails, A Timber Frame Home Is Just 'Big Furniture" says German-trained Woodworker
by Bill Esler
Burning Lumber as a Finishing Technique
by Bill Esler
How to Edge Glue Multiple Butcher Blocks
Into One Piece
by Todd McClure, Owner, McClure Tables

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