HANNOVER, GERMANY -  - Profitability, intensive use and perfect finish of panels machined in any condition,, intensive use and perfect finish of panels machined in any condition, these are some of the advantages made possible by the new range of Heavy Duty units for finishing edgebanded panels.

This marks a new chapter in the history of edge finishing units fitted to Stefani’s high end edgebanders. Their reliability and performance, already greatly appreciated, have been updated and adapted to the demands of the latest materials and produ ctions.

The new YU/SP – L end trimming unit makes setting the machining operations of very delicate materials extremely simple from the numerical control. The technology of the linear motors allows for the adjustment of the track feeling force with a 20% reduction, with the same space occupied by a traditional unit, in the gap between panels loaded in the edgebander, with a 15% increase in speed, up to 35 metres per minute , for greater levels of productivity.

The new R - HD trimming units , RSU - HD chamfering units and RCS - HD edge scraper units have been designed to minimise the interaction between panel and track feeler to improve the machining of delicate materials. This has been possible with a 55% reduction of the moving dynamic masses compared to the prev ious generation of units, more precise and fluidity of movement managed by recirculating ball guides and the new compact TwinFeeler pre-track feeling system, that allows the definitive tool positioning whilst it is still outside the work zone.

SCM GROUP’s new patented AFS adaptive track feeling technology, available for the corner rounding units with 2 motors ROUND 2 (speeds up to 25 m/min and panel thickness up to 80 mm) and 4 motors ROUND 4 (speeds up to 35 m/min and panel thickness up to 60 mm), allows for zero time set-ups to machine coated panels or compensate for tool wear from the numerical control.

The new MULTIEDGE devices can be used to define a complete edgebanding process with low production costs by activating an instant switch between machining operations and produce three different radiuses. The aim is a quality industrial edgebanding process that can be as profitable as possible. This has been made possible by the many developments, improvements and small and large innovations that STEFANI’s research has concentrated in this new generation of units. For example the extreme rigidity (single piece closed structure with zero vibration for the columns of the machining units), compactness ( 15% reduction in the tools/column distance, compared to previous versions) and the simpler kinematics (20 pieces less than previous versions)

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