Digital printing on glass unleashes designers from restrictions on their imagination, while offering quick turnaround on short run and custom capabilities. The speed and flexibility of this new technology allows decorators and fabricators alike to meet the demands of today’s market for increasing variety and specialization.

New Digital Printing Process For GlassCefla Finishing Group expands on their technological leadership in glass decoration to include new high-definition digital printing processes with their PIXART line. The results are clearly powerful.

Using a cutting edge, high-resolution ink jet system, virtually any design which can be digitized can be printed – at the highest quality - with dramatic results. This allows the creation of beautiful, durable surfaces, and photo-quality renderings, the variety of which is limited only by the imagination.

And now, a newly-developed Cefla UV ceramic ink chemistry will create a “frit” surface - after curing and tempering - while offering excellent color depth and brilliance, durability and scratch-resistance. The UV-curing process also allows higher production speed and output than the evaporation or oven-based drying systems required with traditional ceramic frit inks.

PIXART is ideal for virtually any type of flat glass; float, annealed, plate and tempered, that can be safely subjected to the UV curing process.

The PIXART line includes two systems; The PLOT, a multi-pass printer engineered for individual projects and short-run production and the SINGLE-PASS, a through-feed printing system which increases production speed for longer production runs. Both the PLOT and SINGLE-PASS are available in a range of working widths - depending on your production requirements.

Cefla Finishing Group also offers a broad range of equipment for the glass decorating industry, including roll coaters, spray machines and high-temperature drying ovens. Their advanced coatings experience provides nearly limitless possibilities for backpainting applications and other techniques to expand and enhance your glass decoration opportunities.

As part of their commitment to engineering excellence, Cefla operates with the utmost respect for the environment through the continuous development of coating processes and equipment to meet regulations throughout the world.

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Source: Cefla Finishing Group

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