A staple in any size shop, the workbench is more than just a table. While often overlooked, it is an important tool because it holds the workpiece as final finishing touches are applied, including installation of hardware.

With the increasing use of high-gloss surfaces and other sensitive materials, as well as the growing demand for ergonomic work environments, the functions of traditional workbenches have advanced to meet those needs.

A perfect example of an updated workbench is the BARTH VakuuCar+ from Martin USA. It is a modern, mobile bench with vacuum clamping systems and a height-adjustable work plate designed to hold even large and heavy components like doors. These pieces are held automatically at the vacuum points and released by pressing a foot pedal.

One benefit of a vacuum clamping system with silicon-free suction cups is that it can protect sensitive high-gloss material from scratches, says Carl Stout, president of Martin USA. And with the increased popularity of high-gloss cabinetry and furniture pieces in Europe, “This type of solution is becoming more and more the standard [there],” he adds.

The height of each vacuum point can be adjusted individually. Plus, they swivel on bearings, which allows the operator to process several sides of a workpiece without having to change the setup. And because the vacuum points are adjustable, it gives the operator flexibility to use equipment like a manual edgebander on curved or complex shapes and components.

The VakuuCar+ is available with one vacuum pump with dust filter, one suction cup Ø ca. 190mm, one suction cup ca. 250 by 70mm and one foot switch. Martin-USA.com

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