Miter cuts for crown mouldings present unique challenges. Errors are costly; some sophisticated crown materials can cost up to $75 per foot, so a single miscut can tally hundreds of dollars.

Calculation of angles, and the need to match the varying profiles, makes each mitered moulding almost a unique case. So TigerStop, which automated linear saw positioning with its SawGear, is launching the Crown+MiterPro for SawGear at the International Builders Show in Orlando this month.

TigerStop says Crown+MiterPro simplifies any angle cutting, but makes installing crown moulding much easier, reducing the process time in half. Standard SawGear is an automated length measuring system, which attaches to miter and radial arm saws. The Crown+MiterPro feature is now included standard in every new SawGear, is applicable to all types of trim such as crown, base, shoe, casings, along with rafters and any other angle cutting. The software calculates difficult crown angles and lengths instantaneously, providing both a right angle, and side to set a miter saw, along with the correct length for the part. SawGear eliminates pulling a tape measure, making a mark, grabbing a speed square to extend the mark across the board, then positioning and making small cuts until you are on the mark.

“Most of our guys groan when asked to do crown molding,” says Jon Beyer, owner of BarkerBeyer Woodworking in Portland, OR, after testing the SawGear and the Crown+MiterPro software. “The tedious tasks of measuring, marking, and setting gauges is eliminated,” he says. “We are confident our guys will get it right every time.” For existing SawGear owners, TigerStop will upgrade software. (Call customer service at TigerStop and send in the head for a program update, with nominal shipping charges.)

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